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Morris Strategies For New Mexico



Morris Strategies can help your business, organization or non-profit put together winning strategies and plans to achieve success with measurable goals. We provide personalized service to meet your unique needs and goals:

Government Relations & Lobbying

Morris Strategies can help your organization or business accomplish results quickly and efficiently through State, County or Municipal governments throughout New Mexico. Whether you are pursuing new legislation or trying to get something done through government, Morris Strategies can help you put together a winning plan and navigate you through the complicated government system. Morris Strategies Principal, Brian Morris, has worked through all levels of government in New Mexico for 24 years.


With over 19 years experience in working with the media, Morris Strategies can help you with local and national print and electronic media. From organizing press conferences to ground-breakings and ribbon cuttings, we can help you put together media events sure to draw the attention of your targeted media audience.

Morris Strategies can also help you with writing press releases and news advisories, media training and, in particular, help you with crisis media management. All organizations and businesses have unexpected events that create a crisis and draw media attention. Let us help you manage these crisis situations efficiently and effectively to minimize any negative impact and exposure.

We can also help you put together winning strategies for successful paid media programs, including print advertising, radio, television and web-based marketing.

Get Results Through Government

Find Government Funding Sources

Identify & Achieve Tax Incentives and Other Government Incentives and Funding Sources

Economic Development Incentives and Funding Sources

State, County & Municipal Governments Statewide

Passage or Defeat of Legislation at State, County or Municipal Government Levels

Enhance your business or organization's image with elected and appointed officials

Press & News Conferences

Organize News Conferences

Media Kits

Media story placement

Ribbon-Cuttings & Ground-Breakings

Organize media

Invitation production

RSVP management

Media Events

Coordinate and develop media

Help you produce the specific event to meet your needs

Educational Outreach

Plans and programs specific to reach your intended audience

Non-Profit Management

Strategic Planning
Assessing & Developing Core Values
Reporting & Compliance
Board Training & Development

Business Development

Business Plans

Marketing Plans
Social Media
Reporting & Compliance

Event Production

Produce large- and small-scale events
Oversee permitting and adherence to local laws
Develop invitations
Drive attendance
Media relations

Project Management

Planning & Budgeting Development
Timeline Development & Monitoring
Overseeing & Implementing Project Plans

Corporate Giving

Plans & strategies to help maximize your giving and philanthropy efforts, based on what's important to you, your employees and your customers

Campaign Management & Consulting

Political Consulting

Campaign Management

Campaign Plans & Budgets
Direct Mail Development & Production

Creative Development (Palm Cards, Literature)

Website Development
Voter Analytics
GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Programs

Social Media Development

Electronic Communications

Database Development & Management


Develop fundraising plans
Create fundraising budgets and goals
Oversee adherence to fundraising goals
Targeted Direct Mail and Online Solicitation
Fundraising training

Issue Advocacy

Campaign Plans & Budgets